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Attestation service (Arabic- English)

24- hour attestation service allows manufacturers, traders and business owners to get their head letters and official documents attested to verify the validity and the genuineness of signatures and information.

The service requirement:
1.  The  membership should be renewed and not suspended
2. Signatures, seals and head letters should match the ones in the commercial registration or permit and  accredited to the chamber
3. The person attesting documents should have full authority and his name is registered in the commercial register
4. The person attesting documents should be the establishment’s owner, delegate or legal representative.
​​ On 2011, the chamber launched the largest electronic authentication and attestation system “ E- attestation.”  It is a unique and first of its kind system at the level of Saudi Chambers.  E-attestation enables members to attest their official documents wherever they are, and they can get attestation round the clock (24\7)  with no need to visit the chambers​ . It saves members’ time and efforts that It can be used from anywhere in the world.​​

​ ​​​