The Department Goals:
Providing information on some of the major economic indicators that help in determining the level of economic sectors performance in the market.
Offering a wealth of diagnostic market studies for different business sectors.
Identifying the internal and external challenges, strengths and weaknesses of certain economic sectors.
Proposing effective and practical recommendations for facing these challenges.

The Department Services:
1. Economic indicators.
2. Economic observatory.
3. Jeddah city investment map.
4. Economic desired outcomes.
5. Economic studies.
6. Private sector opinions about economic updates.

The Department Sections:
1. Data and economic indicators department:
Creating economic databases for Makkah Region and Jeddah Province.
Finding an observatory for tendency of businessmen and consumers in regard to market investments.
Economic indicators
Economic predictions based on growth and decline of market indicators.

2. Economic studies and reports department:
Sectoral market studies.
Study the impact of laws and regulations on business sectors periodically and continuously.
Follow-up the numbers of studies in coordination with different consulting offices.
Creating a database of investment opportunities across Jeddah Province and Makkah Region, (investment map of Jeddah).

3. Economic publishing department:
Issuing specialized economic publications.
Issuing (printed - electronic) periodicity include studies, indicators, results of consultations, investment opportunities and economic data.

Electronic publications:
Saudi Arabia rank in the Global Competitiveness Report. 
The expected and actual revenues and expenses of Saudi Arabia's budget in 2015.
The number of workers in the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia during 2010-2014.
The size of retail sector and its growth rate, the Saudi economy’s growth rate and the relative contribution of the retail and wholesale sector in the Saudi economy over the period (2004-2014).
The real estate markets in Jeddah during the period (2012-2017).

Studies and research:
The study of unemployment in Jeddah.
The study of the biggest obstacles business owners face with government agencies.
A Study on Saudi market implementation of Ministry of Labor regulations.
The study of the phenomenon of rising rents in Jeddah.

Jeddah events and festivals report.
Merchant’s 2030 vision report.
Transportation sector report.
Maritime Transport Sector report.
The volume of Real Estate Development Fund support report.

compendium of workforce 2016.
School sector.
Hospitality sector.
Engineering offices sector.
Health sector

Regulations and procedures:
Prevent some services in women’s adornment activity (beauty salons).
Requiring stipulations to deal with labor in recruitment offices.
Forgotten Saudization in manufacturing sector.

A research worksheet on continues improving and developing in the quality of services as a way to achieve Jeddah Islamic Seaport customers’ satisfaction. 

Other publications may benefit the Jeddah Chamber members and users:
Challenges in Saudi labor Market.
Monitoring challenges of the small and medium sized enterprises.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  foreign trade.

Contact Information:
​Department ​Dept. Manager ​Contact Info
​​Research and Studies Department ​ ​Hanan Al Mari
e-mail: hana​