The Organizational Excellence Department Sections: 
Quality and Organizational Excellence Department
Projects Department
Follow-up Department 
Administrative Communication Department  

Quality and Organization​al Excellence Department: 
The department aims to spread the quality and organizational excellence concepts among the chamber’s employees for a high level performance to meet the customers satisfaction and to become a role model in quality and organizational excellence for businesses  

Projects Department:
The Projects Department main responsibilities is to develop and apply methodological foundations  in managing and implementing strategic projects in a way that rises the level of performance and efficiency of the chamber sectors and centers to achieving the chamber strategic objectives.

Follow-up Department: 
The employees of this department main tasks are to follow-up all the chamber incoming and outgoing transactions to ease for other department to accomplish their works in a high quality. It works as a reference to stand on the status of the transactions.  

Administrative Communication Department:  
Managing and archiving incoming and outgoing transactions. This department is the linkage between the chamber and other companies and agencies in regards to correspondence and communication.  

contact Information:
Department Dept. Manager Contact info. 
The Organizational Excellence Department
Abdullah Abualnasr​ ​Tel.: 2398142