The Center has started since 2004 in Jeddah Chamber  emulating Alsayedah Khadijah Bint Khuwailed footsteps to be a supportive center for the Saudi women, and increase their participation in the national development, to be able to make the perfect balance between the duties and responsibilities with being aware of the importance of the multiple roles. In Khadija Bint Khuwailed Center, we are fully aware that the essential duties of women is her family in the first place. We also know the importance of providing the suitable job opportunities for women. The center seeks to find suitable solutions to provide infrastructure support, to inform regulations and laws that enable women to achieve a balance between the family and the duties and responsibilities, so their participation in national development partnership become sustainable according to family responsibilities changes. We ask Allah to guide us in publicizing this vision emulating muslim structure to make the Islamic nation proud. 

Our  Clients: 

• Business Women
• Working Women
• Future investors
• Government officials 
• The private sector
• Jeddah community 

Our Departments:

Government Files Department
aims to reconsider the laws and regulations and limit the obstacles that faces women on the basis of national development plans and work to remove these obstacles to provide alternative solutions.

Development programs Department: 
aims to adopt development initiatives with local and international bodies to improve women skills and raise their standards of living by raising awareness and basic skills training.

Research and Development Department
aims to study the reality of women's participation in national development according to the local and global indicators and recommendations of appropriate solutions based on the best international experience and local needs

Support Department: 
aims to raise community awareness about its issues. The center aims to define the community role and its achievements, in addition to provide information and support various departments in all the center projects.

The Manager's Message:

The Center aims to remove the obstacles that faces women to support their economic and social career, to become an active partner in national development. By cooperating with the responsible authorities, to focus the light on the remaining obstacles for women's life , to provide studies and support research to make decision, in addition to the proposed solutions and implementation .
In Khadija Bint Khuwailed Center, we are fully aware that the essential duties of a woman is her family at the first place. We also know the importance of providing the suitable job opportunities for women. The real challenge remains to find or provide the suitable infrastructure that will enable women to achieve the balance between family and responsibilities, in order to process their participation in national development to become sustainable, in accordance with the responsibilities of family changes. Whether women chose to be a housewife or a working woman, they are in both cases that have mastered their role, then she will become an active partner in her work and home service, and she will find all the support, appreciation and respect.
I am pleased at this point to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who contributed to the founding of Khadija bint Khuwailed Center, and a special thank to Her Royal Highness Princess Adela Bint Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, for her continuous support of Saudi women, and I thank Allah who has blessed me with the work I can contribute and also serve Saudi women at once, even with a small part for the leader of a Muslim woman model who is  Khadija bint Khuwaiked

Contact Information: 

Direct Number: 6529255

The Board Directors: 

Her Royal Highness Princess Adela bint Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud chaired the board of directors of the center. The Board consists of a group of business owners, and officials in the private and public sectors.

The Board Members: 

​Nashwa A. Taher  Chairman of Alsiraj United Holding​
Executive Assistant in Al Taher Group
Dr. Lama A. Al-Sulaiman​
Board Member of Rolaco Trading & Contracting
Board Member of Jeddah Chamber 

 Maha A. Fitaihi
President of the Girl Guides in Saudi Arabia
Chairman of Aljada Company
Board of Member of Ahmed Fitaihi Company

Dr. Thoraya Al-areed
A member of the Shura Council
​Dr. Ghazi Binzagr​ ​Chairman of Binzagr group 
Vice Chairman of 
Robaaeyat Trading & Industry Ltd Co
President of Wisaal Development Centre
​Mohammed Abu Dawoud​ ​Chairman of Abu Dawood Group
Director & Board member of Saudi Solidarity Company
Dr. Manal Suliman Faqih

​Board Member of Dr. Suliman Faqih Hospital
President & founder of Maabar Management Consulting Company 
 Ali Hussein Ali Reda

The Board Member of Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd.
Dr. Thoraya Obaid ​

A member of the Shura Council
Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund

Nourah Al Turky 
Executive Director of Human Resources and Social Responsibility in Nesma Holding Company

Sufana Dahlan 
Founder and President of Tashkeel company
 Adnan Hamza Bogari​

 Chairman of ​Bogari Holding Group
Hassan Al Jabri  CEO of SEDCO Holding
Ibrahim Al Muaqil ​ General Director of the Human Resources Development Fund​

 Studies and Research