The Department Goal:
The International Relations Department represents the Jeddah Chamber in its relations with its counterparts regionally and globally as it strives to boost economic activities for its members and their counterparts around the world through trade visiting delegation, economic information exchange, catalog display, conferences, and local and global investment opportunities.  
The Department​ is composed of several sections that they document exchanged information and open new communication channels with related official and international agencies, commissions, and organizations.

The sections use latest technologies in their communications that the chamber offers high tech communication means like video conference system in all meeting rooms.  

The Department Services:
1. Coordinate the trade delegations visit to the chamber and introduce them to the chamber main services and activities. 
2. Coordinate meeting for the chamber members and delegation’s members to discuss latest investment opportunities and potential businesses.  
3. Design programs for exchanging experience and information with international chambers of commerce in coordination with consulates and commercial attaché.   
4. Brief members about investment and trade opportunities in global market. 
5. Contribute in expanding the private sector exports by participating in international exhibitions. 
6. Contribute to increasing the participation of members to regional and global activities and events by offering the necessary information and details. 
7. Offer information about local and global franchise. 

The Department sections: 
International relations development department
International trade department 
International information department 

Important economic information: 
Saudi Arabia's Economy:
 This section provides all development plans "facts and figures," and it also offers a comprehensive picture of Saudi Arabia economic and developmental achievements in comparison to past years. 

Users can find all agreements between Saudi Arabia and other countries.
Saudi intra-OIC trade:
This section gives the latest information about Saudi Arabia’s imports and exports. it also offers “Commodities list” that enables you to view the statistics related to the main commodities handled through imports and exports operations. 

Balance of Trade” enables users to get a glimpse about balance of trade between Saudi Arabia and other countries around the world according to latest official statistics. 

Foreign Trade publications: 
Necessary international commercial information like:
Through this section users can view a number of Saudi key laws, regulation and procedures particularly those related to business and commercial activities. 

Users can view reports and studies related to the Saudi economy categorized as per economic sectors: finance, banking, infrastructure, foreign trade, social services, business, housing, workforce, human resources, agriculture, services, trade, construction, industry, tourism, energy, information technology and telecommunication, foreign investment and SMEs.  

Business opportunities:
This section will enable users to keep up-to-date with the upcoming business and economic events, exhibitions, forum, workshops and conferences taking place locally or internationally.  

This section contains a comprehensive database that comprises the details of the trade delegations which visited the Jeddah chamber. 

This section presents a number of opportunities to invest in Saudi Arabia and internationally.