The Department goals:
Organizational development for human resources
Personnel development 
Attract and retain talents to achieve the chamber objectives  
Developing core competencies 
Spread code of ethics among employees
Create a culture inspires innovation and creativity   

The Department services:
Apply Human Resources best practice 
Attract and retain talents 
Survey the causes of employee turnover
Employees training and development programs  
Develop and maintain a reward system 
Administrative and financial services to employees
Manage employees’ data records 
Handel employees complaints 
Performance appraisal and employees evaluation

The department sections:

Recruitment Department Administrative Development Department
Employees Affairs Department ​Development and Training Department 

Administrative Development Department services:
Performance appraisal 
Annual bonuses and allowances system
Organizational structure construction
Review internal process 
Reward system 

Development and Training Department services: 
Identifying employees training needs 
Preparing the annual plan for employees training in accordance with the budget 
Internship program for students  
Scholarship program for employees 
Summer training for employees’ next of kin 

Recruitment Department services: 
Internal recruitment 
Agreement with Human Resources Fund 
Manpower Planning

Employees Affairs Department services: 
Governmental services for employees
Archiving employees records 
Managing attendance 
Apply employees regulations 
Recreational programs for employees 
Takaful cooperative program 
Health insurance services 
Enroll fingerprints to the device
Benefit like Salaries and social insurance management 
Employees benefits (overtime- compensation- day care) 
Loan and funds 
Housing benefits 
Bounces ( Ramadan allowance and performance evaluation)

​​Department  Dept. Manager Contact Info
​​Employees Affairs Department
Mona Khmees​​​
​Tel.: 2398110
Training Section Najla'a Al Zahrani Tel.: 2398111