About the Department: 
The department is concerned with the application of  the financial systems and accounting standards in accordance with the chamber strategic objectives. It is responsible for all the chamber financial decisions, statements and budgets that are managed and made professionally. 

The Department Sections:
The Finance Department 
The Budgeting and reporting Department 
Contracts and Purchasing Department 
Procurement and Collecting Department

The Department Goals: 
the sector aims to provide limited financial services to the chamber clients in addition to manage the chamber assets and revenues to achieve a balanced and stable financial position in accordance to financial management standards, principles, policies and procedures  .  

The Department Services: 
Recording and documenting accounting transactions and issuing the financial report according to the profession standards.
Issue and approve  of contract, purchase orders and tenders transactions.
Issue and collect the account receivable of the city of warehouse and the rents fees of leasing and events.
Control and manage the chamber funds and assets according to the financial policies and procedures 
Provide the financial consulting and studies to the chamber internal and external clients
Budgeting and expenses control