Communication Affairs Department

The Department​ Goals:
Increase and improve communication with customers 
Raise awareness about the chamber events and services
Excellence in organizing internal events of the chamber 
Achieve effective media presence to achieve media leadership 

The Department Main Sections:
Public Relations Department
Communication Department 
Media Center Department
JCCI Services Marketing Department

Public Relations Department:
Public Relations Dept. main tasks are to raise awareness about the chamber services and activities. It is also responsible for building and maintaining relations with clients and members in addition to organizing and managing the chamber official events and conferences. 

The Department Services:
1. Booking Halls 
2. Organize halls
3. Receive the chamber guests and complete their travel procedures at airport
4. Travel and accommodation for visiting guests
5. Hospitality services inside and outside the chamber
6. Prepare signboards in entrances and exits in the chamber 
7. Media coverage for events and send invitations to media means.
8. Prepare attendance sheets for each event and seminar
9. Announce events in the chamber official website 
10. Prepare the lobby and Ismael Abudawood Hall

Communication Department:
The main task of this department is to collect, revise and provide needed information to other departments and sectors . also, it is responsible to continually find new communication channels like delegations  to provide them with latest information and details about the chamber events and investment opportunities.

The Department Sservices:
Sending invitations 
Circulating circulars 
Receiving suggestions and complaints 
Provide clients with needed information and lists 

Media Center Department:
Media Center role is to show the chamber initiatives, activities and role in all media means (written, audio, visual and social).

The Department Services:
Contribute in the strategic planning of the sector by preparing and carrying out executive action plans.
Media coverage plan for receiving visiting delegations and VIP to, reflecting the civilized image of the chamber 
Coordinate with local newspapers to cover festivals, forums and conferences sponsored by the chamber
Contribute to spread world investment opportunities  through the chamber website and magazine 
Prepare media programs to improve the mental image of the chamber among the public and private sectors and business community like  documentaries on the achievements of the chamber.
Improve media methods to ease the delivery of information to the chamber members by communicating with the business and the private sectors via e-mail, pamphlets and leaflets. 
Develop media teamwork outcomes through training courses and continuous performance evaluation.  

The Chamber Services Marketing Department:
The department’s main role is to raise awareness about the chamber services among the chamber members and clients. It also  measures clients  actual need and satisfaction to improve and find new services. 

The Department Services:
Carry out advertising campaign about the chamber services 
Improve communication channels with clients