Endowments and Social Responsibility Center​ Goals: 

- To make Jeddah Chamber a reliable reference to provide advice and technical support to enable our clients to apply the social responsibility.

- To find standards and local regulations to choose and implement the social responsibility programs at the level of Jeddah governorate.

- To urge the companies to issue their annual non-financial reports according to the global standards.

- To launch sustainable economic and social programs to achieve  the contemporary concept of social responsibility for the companies.​

The Center Services: 

- Support the social responsibility in the companies and institutions.
- Cooperate with the public and the private sectors in social responsibility programs. 
- Receive the consumer inquiries and resolve them with the relevant authorities.
- Arrange workshops on the social responsibility.

about the services:

-Provide the logistical support to the adoptive companies and institutions for a special programs of the social responsibility.

-Urge the private sector to adopt sustainable development programs for Jeddah governorate society, through managing the supportive social responsibility for the companies

-Cooperate and collaborate with the public and private sectors in the social responsibility programs.

-Contribute in supporting the social responsibility programs for the companies through facilitating the establishment of programs in the private sectors of Jeddah chamber.

-Receive complaints and consumers inquiries, through the administration of the consumer protection and solve it with the relevant authorities 

-Arrange workshops and informative seminars with the social responsibility concepts.

The center departments: 
  • - Voulnteer Work Department
  • - Endowment Fund Department
  • - Work Code of Ethics Department​

Contact Information:  

Employee Dept.​ contact information​
​Mowaffaq Dakhakni ​Voulnteer Work Dept. ​​Tel: 2398273
E-mail: Mowaffaq@jcci.org.sa
Bandar Al Aqeel​ Endowment Fund Dept.  Tel: 2398272
E-mail: alaqeel@jcci.org.sa
​Salman Al Hatreshi  Work Code of Ethics Dept. Tel: 2398275
E-mail: Salmans@jcci.org.sa