About the center:
Small and medium enterprises are the economic force in the founding of the local economic as it creates many advantages for the country like economic growth and it helps in reducing unemployment rate which in turn result in social stability. The process of managing and facilitating small and medium business’ projects may be fraught with risks like the failure to generate profit. Therefore, start-ups and entrepreneurs should turn to expertise to drawing strategies contribute to reducing these risks.  
Small and medium enterprises represent a large segment of Jeddah Chamber members, and realizing of the importance of these enterprises in economic growth and social stability, the chamber initiated by The Small and Medium Enterprises Center to provide unique and high quality services to activate its leadership role in improving the competitiveness of these enterprises and to add value to the process of business community development.  

In more than fifteen years, the center achieves many initiatives and provides many services: 
• Supporting and developing small-sized enterprises
• Raising awareness about entrepreneurial culture.
• Influencing government decisions and coordinating with financing funds to fund and support small-sized enterprises.
• Contributing in developing entrepreneur performance. 
• Finding many markets (Basta Market - Entrepreneur Exhibition for over 7 years) to market small and emerging enterprises products and services.
• Finding business incubators by providing office space, training and guidance.

The center services:
Empowerment and capacity building:
The center organizes designed programs for SMEs to help in developing and strengthening their ability to manage and run their businesses successfully and to acquire needed skills to overcome obstacles and reach objectives. The programs and activities include: 
• General and specific training courses for selected topics to help SMEs improve their competitiveness.
• Educational workshops, seminars, forums, conferences and symposiums shed lights on SMEs issues.
• Free consulting services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-sized enterprises. The consultation scope includes financing, marketing and management. 
• Promote emerging and small-sized enterprises products and services in Entrepreneurs Exhibition and Entrepreneurs Competition. 

Business incubators: 
Business Incubator is found to encourage entrepreneurial projects, speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies through a range of business support resources and services that include office space, coaching, common services, and networking connection
There are a number of business incubators that have focused on particular industries or on a particular business model like:
• Commercial business incubator
• Industrial business incubator

The incubator services: 
• Necessary support in developing strategic and business plans.
• Training and coaching programs and workshops.
• Advice and much-needed expertise.
• Help to get financial support.
• Ongoing follow-up and support to speed up the success of the enterprises.
• Find opportunities for businesses to participate in exhibitions and conferences.

Business development:
The center designs relevant programs that contribute to the development and expansion of small and medium enterprises as well as create a vital environment for marketing and communication among these enterprises.

Contact information:

​Department  ​Dept. Manager ​contact Info.
​Manager of Small and Medium Enterprises Center  ​Bandar Arab  ​Tel.: 2398411
Promising Businesses Manager ​ ​Layla Al Sofiany  ​Tel.: 2398412
Business Incubators​ Manager  ​Adel Serwi  ​Tel.:2398414
Business Development Manager ​Haya Enany ​Tel.: 2394815