About the sector: 
The Members Services Sector is one of the most significant service division on the Jeddah chamber that provides services to both business sector and public sector.  

The sector services:
Membership services (new/ renew) either by personal attendance or through Thiqah system 
Services for members of other Saudi chambers (Fax or online)
Signature authentication services (add/ cancel/ change/update)
E-authentication for commercial visit visa 
Stamp (attest) documents and head letters
Commercial permits services  (identification letter- re-export- competition- discounts)
Provide annual calendar, business directory and gifts to the chamber clients
Services provided through the website (Membership Services / Commercial permits Services / Other Services).
Tkaful program 
Stamp (attest) English documents and head letters
New membership and signature add and certify for the VIP level. 
The option to have a distinctive membership number for VIP level
Signature certifying for business owners from outside the Jeddah Chamber

E-attestation service:
A system that allows members to get their documents and papers attested and stamped online from inside the country or outside. It is the first system of its kind in Saudi Arabia that plays a significant role in saving time and efforts for businessmen. The system is supported by a hi-tech security features that information is highly protected from fraud and distortion.   

The sector departments: 
Excellence department
Membership and attestation department
Branches department 
Permits department 
 The Universal Services department 
Customer services department 

Excellence Department
The main services the department offers are membership and attestation for VIP and first level of members and e-attestation service for all levels of members.

The department goals:  
Promote and raise awareness about e-attestation
Increase clients satisfaction through interactive communication to meet their needs.  
Increase customers base by providing value-added services

Membership and Attestation Department:
This department offers new membership and attestation services to all levels of members after making certain  they have a commercial register and required license and permits.

The department goals:
Increase income generated form membership   by increasing the number of clients, upgrading membership levels, collecting fees of previous years, retain current members)
Increase income generated form attestation by working 24 hours. 

Branches Department:
The department’s main role is overseeing and monitoring the works of the chamber branches and provide all  necessary requirements. 

The department goals: 
Develop the branches and improve their image in accordance with the chamber head building. 

Permits Department: 
The main services this department offers are issuing commercial competitions permits and discounts and offers permits. It also responsible for issuing re-export certificate for imported goods and identification certificate for clients. 

The department goals: 
Increase the income generated from issuing permits by contacting clients and circulating all services to the chamber branches. 

The Universal Service Department:
A center that combines all concerned entities and departments important for issuing the commercial register for the limited company.

The department goals:  
Support the local economy 
Ease procedures
Reduce establishment costs 
Empower young businessmen to enter into partnership 
Encourage start-ups to find small and medium projects  
 Raise awareness about business to youth

Customer Services Department:
The team members of this department exert efforts and potentials to improve the chamber image through providing added-value services and logistics to the chamber members in order to resolve any obstacles they face. 

The department goals:
Facilitate procedures and resolve obstacles members face in  government agencies
Make strategic partnership with government agencies to provide excellent services
Receive suggestions and recommendation from members
Measure customer satisfaction