Business Sector Main Departments: 
Industry Sector Support Department
Service Sector Support Department
Trade Sector Support Department
Tourism Sector Support Department

1- Industry Sector Support Department:
The main goal of the department is supporting and developing the industrial sector in Jeddah, seeking to eliminate all obstacles businessmen may face and offer all needed studies and information that may help the sector to grow and develop. 

The department main tasks:
Support and develop the industrial sector 
Seek to eliminate obstacles the sector may face
Provide information and studies necessary for  growth and development 
Develop the export of the sector 

Develop industrial investment in Jeddah 
Seek to resolve the problems faced by the industrial sector.
Provide needed statistics and information 
Hold meetings, seminars and workshops highlight industrial issues.
Encourage factories to export their products

The department services:
Respond to all inquiries and industrial consulting requests.
Provide industrial information directories.
Provide forms for custom clearance (raw materials, machinery and spare parts).
Hold seminars and workshops .
Educate new investors about procedures and requirements for industrial investment.

The main issues and topics the department handles with:
Problems and obstacles facing the industrial sector in dealing with government agencies
Simplification of government procedures
Development human resources in the industrial sector
Holding workshops and forums
Distributing and publishing industrial studies and opportunities
Encourage factories for export
Infrastructure problems and shortage in industrial lands
Industrial licensing system
Customs exemptions system
providing Saudi skilled labor

The main challenges the sector faces:
The lack of a clear industrial policy
The lack of a specific policy for pricing energy, gas and minerals
Absence of applying standards on imported products compete local products
Absence of some services in the new industrial cities
Weak promotional activities for industrial investment opportunities
No motivation and stimulating action for industrial export development 
Not publishing international and regional agreements 

Committees affiliated to the department:
Real estate valuation and auctions​ Committee Iindustry​ Committee
Export Development​ Committee Urban Development Committee
Contractors Committee 
Safety Committee
Housing Committee 
Real Estate Committee
Foreign Investment Committee
Bakeries Committee
Engineering Offices​ Committee Car Lubricant Manufacturer Committee
Contact Information :
Department  employee  contact info
Industry Sector Support Relations Section Abdullah Binzegr​ Tel.: 2398455
​​Industry Sector Support Section Ashwaq M. Bahloli Tel.: 2398424
2-Service Sector Support Department:

The department main tasks:

We strive to provide the best services for business owners through diversification in the form of services provided
Improving the sector performance by conducting the sectorial studies, issuing business directories, saudizing jobs and imitating successful experiences. 
Providing valuable information and knowledge to create a motivating work environment for the services sectors growth.

Increase business sector’s customers satisfaction 
Resolve problems and eliminate obstacles members of services sectors face
Organize and hold service sectors and business issues seminars and events  
Exchange visits with government agencies to solve services sectors issues and problems 
Follow-up and make certain that recommendations implemented by service sector committees  
Provide studies and publications about issues and problems related to service sector
Contribute to the development of governmental procedures 
Offer sectorial files to effectively develop business sector services

The department services :
Contribute to solving the obstacles facing the services sector through the implementation of the recommendations and follow-up correspondence with government agencies.
Contribute to the development and simplification of government procedures 
Communicate with relevant entities like marketing companies, the chamber committees, IT and Information Sector and Studies and Research department in the chamber for valuable studies and reports 
Prepare sectorial files and update them periodically  
Represent the chamber in the visits related to business services sector activities 

Committees affiliated to the department:
Health Sector​ Social and professional services​
​Health care services Committee  Recruitment Offices​ Committee
​Pharmacies Committee 
Security​ Guards Committee​
​Medicine Agencies Committee
Beauty Salons Committees
​Optics Committee
Fashion Designers Committee 
​Medical Machines Committee

​​Education Sector Business and Finance
Girls Private Schools Committee
Consulting Offices Committee
​Boys Private Schools Committee ​Securities Committee

Contact information:

​Department Employee  Contact Info. 
Service Sector Support Department
Hanan Al Mari Tel.: 2398427
Service Sector Support Section
Ghada Ghurab Tel.: 2398429
Service Sector Relations Section
Anwar Al Harthi  Tel.: 2398430
Service Development Section
Asrar Al Bahloli Tel: 2398428