Al Masfaq:

A center that aims to link the business owners to investors and relevant government agencies through offering various services and tools to ensure that an organization can continue to operate.  

Adnan Hussain Mandourah
CEO of Al Masfaq Academy
​Eng. Mohi'aldin Hakami 
CEO of Al Masfaq 

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The center goals: 

Increase the SMEs contribution to the gross national product.
Contribute to reducing unemployment and create job opportunities.

Create investment opportunities. 
Ensure that emerging, small and medium-sized enterprises can continue to operate.
Improve the efficiency and quality of emerging, small and medium-sized enterprises.
Economic diversity.
Analyze market needs and direct investors to these needs.

Target group :
Entrepreneurs (the projects should not be traditional, developmental, serve the society or segment of it, could be expanded to create career opportunities).
Exciting projects intend to expand. 
stalled projects seek to revive.
New Projects.
Ideas and inventions.

What we provide:
Electronic system:
A system that enables business owners to register their project which passes feasibility study till the phase of following up the company performance.  

Bank of feasibility studies: 
Detailed feasibility studies show the best investment fields, the success of the project and the expected return on investment

Consulting expertise:
Al Masfaq provides consulting and practical expertise to entrepreneurs while running the activity to ensure business continuity.

Service processes: 
Business owners should register their business or projects in Al Masfaq website which in turn will discard any projects that do not meet the minimum requirements declared by using certain calculation.

Feasibility study: 
The consulting offices we deal with will conduct an initial detailed feasibility studies with consecration to market research, economic and financial studies, and the project significance. 
The studies outcomes usually in percentage to show the extent success of the project and the expected return on investment.  
Offering the project as an investment opportunity: 
Al Masfaq will offer the project as an investment opportunity to business community 
Signing of the Memorandum of Association: 
Al Masfaq manages and supervise the processes of signing the contract by the parties.  

Providing needs: 
The center will provide all needs for the project operation like logistic tools, financial department, an office for managing the projects and licenses and permits

Getting approval for the operational plan: 
The business owner should submit the operational plan to the center for studying and approval  

Follow-up Performance:
The center will follow up the performance of operation and make sure of implementing the operational plan 
Continuous development:
The center will offer several workshops and training courses to contribute to the development of business and service efficiency.

Handling issues:
The center and its consultants will help in handling any issues by root case analysis to settle the problems and find solutions.  

Contact information:

Tel.: 0126510698