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CWP celebrates Saudi slimming world champion





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JEDDAH — The Cambridge Weight Plan center celebrated Saudi world slimming champion Ali Qabbani.

Qabbani had represented the center, which fights obesity, at the Slimmer of the Year 2017 in London. Qabbani was honored in a ceremony at the Park Hyatt Jeddah Hotel Saturday night.

Among the attending dignitaries where Mazen Battarjee, vice chairman of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Perry Beach, the British consul general in Jeddah; Andy Jones, CWP’s representative; and Hazem Al-Amoudi, chief executive office of Al Kanaah Group, sole agent of the British brand Cambridge Weight Plan, along with a number of Saudi star athletes, social media celebrities, businesspeople, and members of the media, who were keen to cover the events through their printed, radio, and television platforms.

In a speech, Battarjee underlined CWP’s national achievement. “Qabbani is an embodiment of steely determination, unwavering persistence, and unyielding resolution in the face of a formidable challenge,” he said. “His achievement of losing as much as 89 kilograms in a mere 10 months is nothing short of an inspiration.”

He called upon young Saudis to try to emulate Qabbani’s experience, encouraged by the fact that he was the first Arab to win such a distinction.

Battarjee called Qabbabni’s achievement a Saudi success story that mirrors the Kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 for the health care sector, in which CWP played a part with Qabbani’s inspiring example.

The health care part of Vision 2030 revolves around enhancing public health, changing unhealthy lifestyles, promoting daily workouts, all in an effort to fight obesity and mitigate related diseases, and, in turn, cut the huge financial burden the government needs to carry as a result of fighting obesity’s causes and consequences.

Battarjee called upon Saudi businesspeople to invest more in health care and dieting based on scientific fact, given the runaway obesity rates, especially among children.

Cambridge’s weight loss program, Amoudi explained, comprises six flexible steps that enable users — helped by specialists — to work them into their daily routines.

He added that Cambridge offers nutritionally balanced programs that range between 600 and 1,500 kilocalories per day. Specialists will explain the program in detail to users when they visit the center. Each weight loss program is made of four stages: preparation, slimming, locking in, and long-term weight-watching.

Jones, the Cambridge Weight Plan representative, praised Qabbani’s achievement, saying that he is an honorable example of Saudi youth. He added that what really impressed the competition’s panel was his determination to lose weight without compromising his health.

Qabbani thanked CWP for their help in his overcoming his obesity, thanks to their extremely well thought out diet that helped him lose 89kg and win the Slimmer of the Year title.

“Today we are not celebrating Ali the person as much as we are celebrating Ali’s body, which was too burdened with unhealthy, unnatural weight for too long,” he said. “We are in desperate need to not only change our eating habits, but also to work out on a daily basis and make physical exercise part of our daily lives, not just to stay healthy ourselves, but to build a healthier Saudi future and create a solid workforce out of young Saudis.”

Established in 1984, CWP’s dietary program has benefited more than 25 million people. Its products are available through 6,000 outlets in 20 countries. CWP is a world-class obesity treatment center that employs highly scientific methods based on decades of research and studies. — SG

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