​Electronic Payments Terms of Use:

The Jeddah Chamber’s e-payment portal is a secure system that allows customers to use their credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) to make secure electronic transactions.

The data you provide during online payment transactions will never be collected by Jeddah Chamber. The National Commercial Bank (NCB) will handle credit information.

The customer agrees to keep all credit card information confidential and secure. Jeddah Chamber shall NOT be liable for any misuse of the card information on its website through e-payment portal.

The customer is obliged to inform the bank (issued the credit card) immediately in respect misuse of the credit card information or upon use by an unauthorized person.  

In the event of any dispute from the bank on any transaction, the Jeddah Chamber will respond to the bank and the customer with statements of the transaction carried out.

The customer does not incur any additional fees for using the credit card in the e-payment portal.